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Flex Nylon 25m rolls

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NS100 white 25m roll

Flex Nylon

50% polyurethane and 50% copoliamide thermo adhesive garment film

50cm wide

25m roll

£175.00 inc VAT

Product Options

NS100 white 25m roll

NS199 black 25m roll

NS205 navy blue 25m roll

NS230 royal blue 25m roll

NS280 sky blue 25m roll

NS410 gold yellow 25m roll

ns430 med yellow 25m roll

NS350 red 25m roll

ns330 bordeaux 25m roll

NS540 green 25m roll

NS560 forest green 25m roll

NS370 orange 25m roll

NM150 metallic silver 25m roll

NM410 metallic gold 25m roll